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Front Page News

My clients don’t always have the time to tell me what they have done with my images so it’s always nice surprise when I discover that one of my sports images has been selected for a front cover. I’ve been working with KCS for many years now and the Junior School just pointed out to […]

Call the referee!

I’m not usually one for blowing my own whistle so I decided to ask a referee what they thought about my work. I simply asked my client to write a reference for me working as a photographer in their school and I was delighted about what they said: “Gerry has worked as a School photographer […]

You’ve Been Framed!

I’ve always used a professional photographic laboratory to produce high quality prints because I want my photos to look the best they possibly can. However, the cost prices of frames generally have always been four or more times the price of print. But now, thanks to a lot of research on the internet, I have […]

Back to school time

The Autumn term has begun in earnest this week and some schools get the sports scene going straightaway. I don’t photograph Lacrosse very often but I have enough knowledge of how the game is played and therefore where all the key action will be on the field. The vital piece of information is how big […]

The joys of spring and penalty shoot-outs

Picking the right spot to take photos of a penalty shoot-out is very important. You can never tell what’s going to unfold in front of your camera but you have to optimise your chances of getting the best shots of the football action and celebrations. On Sunday I was supporting a charity football match in […]

Back with the programme…

I love surprises, especially when you arrive at an event to find the main sponsor has chosen one of your photographs to represent them and the event. This celebration photograph shows the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School (Wakefield) U15’s rugby captain raising the NatWest U15 Schools Cup trophy at Twickenham last year. You only get one chance […]

Front Page News Again

My local school employs me to take their sports and prospectus images but were recently wooed by a marketing company who said they could produce their latest prospectus publication and they would do everything in house to make things easier. Suffice to say that I was asked to go in to shoot an image for […]

It’s all gone quiet over there….

This week I was asked, “Is there any chance you can stop making clicking noises while we are filming the meeting?” So I made a phone call for advice from a colleague and headed down to a pro camera shop in London. An hour later I was snapping away in total silence with my Canon […]

“When I grow up, I want to be a rugby player.”

It’s an old story. A young lad tells his dad: “When I grow up, I want to be a rugby player.” His father replies: “Don’t be stupid son, you can’t do both!” I was taking photos of a birthday celebration for a 60-year-old family guy and the tradition at Amersham and Chiltern RFC is to […]

Laughing All The Way To The Bank (Almost)

I was delighted to learn recently that I have been appointed as the RFU schools rugby photographer for the NatWest Schools Cup for 2014-2015. It’s a great delight for me to still be a part of the national schools rugby competition for the 10th year in a row so it does make me smile (that’s […]