Chance isn’t such a fine thing

You can’t leave important things to chance when you are a professional photographer and this is especially important to remember when you are backing up your photographic assignments.

Burning to DVD or CD is all very fine but the quality varies from manufacturer. There are claims of a lifetime of security on some but we must remember that our home burnt CD’ s are not the same as those pressed copies that we buy of audio CD’s from music retail outlets.

Last year, the former CEO of one of my clients had decided to the leave business after many years and I was asked to compile a number of photographs of him at key events over the past decade. I was shocked to find that a number of cd’s and old hard drives were very slow in responding.

At the end of the day, my clients rely on me to be their image library and librarian.

The research took a while but the answer was simple –  A LaCie dual hard drive using Thunderbolt connections. This not so little beauty, allows me to copy my data and images onto the hard drive and it automatically makes an identical copy on the other drive.

If one drive starts to go, I can use the second drive while I replace or repair the first.


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