“All you have to do is press a button.”

My wife somehow managed to simplify my job a few years ago by using the above phrase and therefore I have to thank her for inspiring my latest blog. Much of my work comes from clients who have a bit of experience taking photos with cameras and smart phones and they know how difficult it can be to get quality images in difficult circumstances.


The photo shown is from one of my recent assignments and I have used it to highlight some of the things I do to ensure that my clients get the highest quality images where the lighting and location are not ideal. The brief was to capture an image for an internal staff magazine, showing how state of the art equipment could be used by personnel with impaired vision. Unfortunately it was in working area in the corner of a large office where refurbishment was taking place. The ceilings had no tiles, wires and insulation were in clear view and the light was a mix of bright daylight and fluorescent tubes.

Apart from the items highlighted on the photo, we also selected the items shown on the screens so they would be relevant to the audience, did not show any confidential information and that partial words shown did not produce any new embarrassing ones.

I will be printing out the photograph to put on the fridge door later.

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